Welcome – Admitted Fall Freshmen

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Congratulations on your acceptance to Seton Hall University! We are delighted to count you among an elite group of students accepted into the Class of 2020. Below is a helpful checklist of items you need to complete or consider to enroll at Seton Hall University. If you have questions about the enrolling process, please contact us at thehall@shu.edu or 1-800-THE-HALL (843-4255).

  1. Confirm Your Enrollment
    Confirm your intent to enroll at Seton Hall by submitting your Confirmation of Enrollment Form along with the $250 tuition deposit by May 1 (non-refundable after May 1). Beginning in March, if you have deposited, you will receive your login credentials for PirateNet. To make your deposit online, you will need your student ID number found at the top of your acceptance letter.
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    Note: If you do not receive a confirmation by email after submitting your online deposit, please contact us at 1-800-THE-HALL.

  2. Submit Your Housing Deposit
    If you plan to live in University housing, make your $375 housing deposit as soon as possible (non-refundable after May 1). Housing will only be guaranteed for the first 1,250 students with both a tuition deposit and a housing deposit on file. If you prefer to pay by check or money order, enclose it with your tuition deposit (we suggest using separate checks).

    Starting in March, if we have received your tuition and housing deposits, you will also be able to complete a roommate survey once you receive your PirateNet login credentials. Complete the Roommate Survey for a review of your Housing License Agreement, to select a meal plan, and to indicate living style preferences for roommate matching. You will be notified of your room assignment in mid-July.

  3. Pirate Preview
    Join us at our exclusive admitted student event on Saturday, April 9. At Pirate Preview, you will be able to attend an academic presentation, connect with accomplished professors, tour our close-knit campus, learn about your next steps, and meet future classmates.
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  4. File the FAFSA
    If you haven't already, submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by March 1 and be sure to list Seton Hall’s federal school code (002632). Financial Aid Awards are mailed beginning in April to all students who filed the FAFSA. We had originally planned to send Financial Aid packages by email but, as a result of your feedback, have opted to send them by mail instead. To add a parent/guardian address, or update any of your contact information, please use the online form or contact us at thehall@shu.edu or 1-800-THE-HALL (843-4255).

    Please reference 
    the loan worksheet as a tool to help you plan your financial aid borrowing needs.
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  5. Choose Your Laptop
    Incoming Fall freshmen can choose between two different laptop options. Learn more about the specifications of each computer here. When you're ready, you can select your laptop by visiting the Selection Page. Laptop selection is due by May 9, and the corresponding laptop forms are due June 10.

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  6. Make New Friends
    Join our Freshman Accepted Students Facebook group, the official online community for newly admitted students. You can meet other accepted students, ask questions of current students, and talk to admissions counselors.
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  7. Submit your AP or IB Scores
    Submit AP and IB scores and we will grant you college-level credit for AP exam scores of 4 or above and higher-level IB scores above a grade 5. If you have taken college-level courses for credit, we will grant credit for non-remedial, non-vocational courses in which you have earned a C or better. Incoming freshman can be awarded a maximum of 45 college-level credits with 30 of those credits being from test scores (ex: AP or IB).

    AP scores may be sent via the College Board. Mail official copies of your IB scores to:
    Office of Admissions
    Seton Hall University
    400 South Orange Ave.
    South Orange, NJ 07079

  8. Submit Health Information
    Log in to the Student Health Portal and submit the required health information to Health Services.

  9. Access PirateNet
    PirateNet is Seton Hall's online portal and your access to your placement tests, financial aid, bills, registration and more. To access the portal, visit piratenet.shu.edu and enter your user name and password. You will be sent your username and password in your Pirate Adventure invitation, which will be sent to you in March if you have submitted your tuition deposit.

  10. Submit Health Insurance Waiver
    Seton Hall automatically provides a group health insurance plan which is charged to your bill. If you already have health insurance and do not want the Seton Hall plan, you must complete the insurance waiver form at piratenet.shu.edu before the start of classes to avoid automatic enrollment in the Seton Hall plan and a non-refundable charge to your bill. The waiver will be available beginning mid-June.
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  11. Confirm Your Pirate Adventure Attendance
    Beginning in March, once you login to PirateNet, you can confirm your attendance at Pirate Adventure, the mandatory overnight program for all freshmen. Your Pirate Adventure date can be found in your acceptance letter. Commuters and resident students will stay overnight during Pirate Adventure, which begins at 8 a.m. and ends at 4 p.m. the following day. Parents are invited to attend Day One for a special Family Program to learn more about academic programs, financial services, campus life and more (up to two family members may attend). Only the student is required to stay overnight.

    During Pirate Adventure you will:
    • meet fellow new and current students;
    • meet your mentor (academic adviser);
    • pick up your student ID card;
    • receive your laptop;
    • register for classes; and
    • become acquainted with student resources, services and activities

    Packing list for Pirate Adventure:
    • sheets
    • blanket
    • pillow
    • towels
    • alarm clock
    • toiletries
    • spending money
    • jacket/sweater (rooms are air conditioned)

  12. Take Your Placement Tests
    Some students need to take placement tests in English, math and/or foreign language in order to be placed in the correct course level. These tests must be taken by June 1. Students who fail to take their placement tests may not be able to register for fall classes during Pirate Adventure.

    Beginning in March, log in at PirateNet.shu.edu to see the placement tests you need to take. If you do not need to take any placement tests, none will appear. Your login information will be mailed to you in March if you have paid your tuition deposit. Testing is based upon your SAT or ACT score as well as your major. For math, an SAT score of 680 or above (for ACT, 33 or above) will exempt you from the math placement. For English, an SAT Writing score of 550 or above will exempt you from the English placement. If a foreign language placement test appears, you only need to take it if you plan on continuing a language from high school or spoken at home. Anyone planning on taking a new language does not need to take the language placement test.

    Questions about placement testing? Contact Freshman Studies at (973) 761-9740 or freshman@shu.edu.

  13. Accept Your Financial Aid Awards
    Financial Aid Awards are mailed beginning in April to all students who filed the FAFSA. They are sent along with important supplemental information to address many of your questions. If you would like to be considered for aid, please complete the FAFSA form as soon as possible at www.fafsa.gov. Students who have received their Financial Aid Awards need to review and accept their awards.

    To accept your awards follow these steps:
  • Log in at PirateNet.shu.edu. Your login information will be sent to you in March if you have paid your tuition deposit.
  • Go to the Money Matters tab to view your Financial Aid award. You must select the award year (2016-17) then click on the Award Overview tab.
  • Accept your awards by clicking on the Accept Award Offer tab and accept or decline each award.
  • View your requirements. Some students are selected for a process called verification by the government. If you are selected, you will have additional documents to submit such as federal tax returns or proof of citizenship. You must return these documents by June 1 to the Office of Financial Aid.
  • Complete entrance counseling and your Master Promissory Note at www.studentloans.gov if you accepted your Federal Stafford Subsidized or Unsubsidized Loans.
  • Many departments on campus seek students to work in their departments by posting positions in the student employment database. To view and apply for jobs visit jobs.shu.edu. You must also submit your Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9) form and original supporting documents. To get a jump start, bring these to Pirate Adventure in June and turn them in to the Office of Financial Aid.
  • Apply for the Federal PLUS loan or Alternative Loans. To apply for the PLUS Loan visit www.studentloans.gov. Please note you must also have a FAFSA on file to apply. We suggest you start applying in early June. If you'd like to choose an alternative loan visit www.elmselect.com.
  • Submit your first payment by June 1 if you are enrolling in the payment plan option. If you are interested in signing up for a payment plan, please visit TuitionPaymentPlan.com/SHU.

13. Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
You and your parents should be aware that for students 18 years or older there are federal regulations that limit the ability of parents to access information about their child’s records once he/she enrolls at Seton Hall. These regulations are called FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act). This law means that parents do not have the right to view their child’s grades, transcripts or any other educational records without the student's consent. Parents also do not have the right to call and inquire about their child’s status or activities without this written consent. We encourage you to discuss this with your parents in advance to determine if you will complete the on-line consent form. If you wish to grant such consent to your parents, you will find the on-line FERPA Authorization Form in PirateNet under the Academics tab in the FERPA section.

14. Plan What to Pack for College
Deciding what to bring when you move on to campus can be tough. To make things easier we have compiled a list of recommended items/suggestions as well as those items that you should not bring to campus.
15. Save the Dates: Freshman Orientation, Move-in Day and First Day of Class
All students must attend the mandatory Freshman Orientation/Pirate Weekend, August 26-28. If you are living in University housing, Move-in Day will be August 25. Move-in Day and room assignment information will be emailed to you by Housing and Residence Life in mid-July. Don't forget classes will begin on August 29.
    View the full 2016-17 academic calendar.
16. Pay Your Bill

All invoices are sent electronically to your student SHU e-mail address and the e-mail addresses of any Authorized Signers and can be viewed at PirateNet.shu.edu. The first electronic invoice will be sent in early July and is due August 2. We encourage you to ensure the bill is paid timely so you can move in, if applicable, and participate in the opening ceremonies and events.

We offer both four and five month payment plan options. Payments are due in equal installments beginning June 2 (five-month) and August 2 (four-month). The four-month payment plan can be selected beginning July 15. If you are interested in signing up for a payment plan, please visit TuitionPaymentPlan.com/SHU. Please note there is a service fee.

If you have questions about Financial Aid, payment options or your bill, please contact the Student Financial Services Help Desk at 1-800-222-7183.

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